Orphanages & Education


Transforming the Lives of Children in India

Opening an orphanage is something we never intended to do at All India Mission. But when we saw how many homeless children were suffering in India, we knew we had to act.

We opened our first orphanage in 2002 with five children. We provide the children with food, clothing, shelter, and education. They’re intelligent, competent, and doing very well in their studies. Some of the children plan to become medical doctors, some nurses, and some pastors.

Running an orphanage requires tremendous commitment and dedication. We rely on donors like you to support these initiatives.






Our Commitment to Accessible Education

Can you imagine lacking basic reading and writing skills? That’s the reality for a quarter of the population in India. The country’s literacy rate is approximately 75% — which means over 345 million people in India cannot read or write.

Due to extreme poverty, many parents require their children to stay home and work rather than attend school, resulting in a widespread lack of education. In addition, only a small portion of remote villages have schools at all, and they generally only provide elementary education. That’s why we’re dedicated to improving literacy rates and providing accessible education in northeast India.

At All India Mission, we’ve founded three elementary schools teaching over 200 children how to read and write in villages with no other schools. In addition, when given the opportunity to teach children the basics of reading and writing, we’ve shared Christian teachings and the gospel of Jesus Christ.