In recent years, it’s become evident that the rapid growth of All India Mission’s ministry, Christian converts, and church plantings could not be sustained by simply relying on donations. The answer? Self-sustaining micro-economic programs.

Fish Farming

Developing a Fish Farming program has been one of the most effective ways to make many of our pastors more self-sufficient.

How It Works:

  • A fish pond is dug with simple equipment.
  • Minnows are purchased and placed in the fish pond.
  • The fish eat only rice husks and the algae that grow naturally in the pond, and
    within two years, the tiny minnows will grow to three pounds.
  • The fish are then harvested and sold in village markets.
  • This cycle is restarted after harvest and repeated every two years.
  • Revenue from each fish farm takes care of 10 pastors and their families.

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Goat Herding

One of our micro-economic programs is goat herding. This income earned from this program helps make families more self-sufficient. A small number of goats can provide food and financial stability for families fortunate enough to own a small herd of these very effective domestic animals.

How it Works

  • All India Mission purchases four goats for a total cost of $80.
  • The goats are given to a family that raises the goats and breeds them.
  • Within 3-4 years, the family will have approximately 25 goats to sell and raise more.
  • After three years, the family must return four goats, which are given to another family to begin the process anew.
  • This process will create income for each family indefinitely and increase the economic condition of their community as well.
Can you donate today to help fund these initiatives?