100 More Churches

A Vision for 100 More Churches

Can you comprehend what adding 10,000 new believers to the Kingdom looks like? That’s what we are seeking to do with our vision for 100 more churches — and we need your support.

To accomplish this goal, we need to train and support 100 native missionaries so they can begin evangelizing in their communities. Eventually, they will plant churches in these communities and become pastors.

It may take two years or 10 — but we need to glorify the Lord and see this vision through to completion. Your involvement will help spread the gospel in a land where Christ’s name is not yet known. Can we count on you to help with a donation of any amount you can spare?

How Can You Help?

We have enough manpower in India to accomplish this vision — but not the funding. We’re relying on your prayers and financial assistance to fulfill this God-given plan. Any amount helps! Thank you for helping us share God’s love with others.

Our Five-Year Plan

$100/month to support a pastor for the first three years = $3,600
$50/month for the following two years = $1,200
Motorcycle at year three = $900
Church Building with capacity for 300 people = $10,500
Legal fees and other expenses = $3,800
Total Funds Needed Per Church = $20,000

Please note that most of our pastors become self-supported after the five-year mark and no longer require monthly funding! Learn more about how we help them become self-sufficient through micro-economic programs.